Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Social Media Project

Welded Wire Sculpture

My objective for #TooMuchTweet was to create a visual/sculptural representation of my thoughts on social media sharing. To me, what seems like an abundance of random thoughts, is useless. The views of using social as a means of staying in the loop and as a news feed seems to be an excuse for being criticized for use.

The piece consists of a vomiting twitter bird that is spitting out the means of "sharing" via social networks (tweet, post, pin, status). Through further thought, I believe that some modifications (greater amount of "vomit") would further enhance the thoughts and message trying to be given.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Pre-Social Media

My goal for this piece was to show the abundance of, in my opinion, useless sharing. Placing this same sculptural project into a time before digital social media had so much control, I believe it could still hold importance.

The basis and structural concept could still be left as a bird, however the content that is being shared and the use of location would be changed. Meaning, that the "bird" would have to take on a new cause and in a different way. Possibly representing a movement that is being pushed through speeches and large gatherings or activists events.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Nate Larson

Born: 1978 in West Lafayette, Indiana

Current: Living and teaching in Baltimore, Maryland

Education: 2000 BA Purdue University, 2002 MFA Ohio State University

"My current project GEOLOCATION, in collaboration with Marni Shindelman, tracks GPS coordinates associated with Twitter tweets and pairs the text with a photograph of the originating site to mark the virtual information in the real world."