Tuesday, January 10, 2012

What I Love About Video Art

Through my experiences so far, I think its safe to say that I have mixed feelings about video art. The whole discussion and argument about the origins and the influences of the field really put me in a mind bind during my first interactions with video art last semester. However, after that mini-rant, I do enjoy the freedom that video art seems to lend as a major importance. I feel like working with this medium offers a lot of expansion and growth throughout the creation process.

I suppose it's just because of the restrictions that assignments gave that I sometimes struggled with some of my videos, however, I have realized that my own personal endeavors have yielded less difficulties probably due to this fact.

I traditionally have a very minimalistic and simplistic style with my art works and I have generally tried to work that way with my videos as well by using less after effects and editing, but I did try some manipulations with projects that were done in Video Art I.

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  1. I understand what you mean with the discussions about video art. I'm having difficulties with the theories and the history as well. I feel that it keeps evolving to what it is and is completely change from what it originality was. It makes video art difficult to categorize.