Wednesday, January 25, 2012

60 Second Shots?

I very much enjoyed the concept of a 60 second shot. I believe that using a short limited video as one of the main components for a piece allows an easier display for the common viewer. Their attention span has been manipulated by society into being minimal, but in the presence of a short video it experiences moments of expansion. This project has inspired me to create an entire series of short videos of a particular theme.

I liked that you could try to squeeze a story or meaning in a medium that is usually considered to be more time consuming for viewing. I found it interesting that with viewing others videos, it seemd that it often gave such a long length of time.

Sometimes I am guilty of the quick view that most give to any particular piece of art, but I think that having a main focus of the works being that its short gives the viewer some sort of incentive to continue watching. However, what if the description is in no way related to the piece itself except for the purpose to draw attention? Why must there always be a correspondence between the art and its displayed label? Isn't the "art" enough just by iteself?


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  2. I agree that the quick duration of the videos makes them easier to watch. It's sometimes hard to invest time in a work of art because we always run the rest of wasting it on something we won't like.

    1. I agree that some pieces are easier to watch based on their length and creativity. For Giancarlo, I believe your piece had a crisp picture and it was an interesting task. The visual was pleasing and you had a personal experience/story to back up your work, which was great.

  3. Yea i also like the fact that I am able to make a story in a min. Being able to draw in my audience in 60 seconds and have a narrative that they enjoy or simply can relate to is great. And I think that art is enough by itself. Every piece shouldn't have a title because it can allow the viewer to come up with their own ideas of the piece instead of being forced to go off of what the piece is called.

  4. It is easier to watch a video piece if I know it is only going to be a few minutes long. I definitely agree our attention span has been altered by the society and time we live in because everything is so instant now.