Monday, March 26, 2012

Gerry Fialka

Dear Gerry,

Your group discussion was intensely enjoyable. I found your words and stories to be inspirational throughout. I felt that I needed a personal courtroom stenographer to keep track of all my ideas that kept escaping from my mind. I really connected and was comforted by your constant topic and relating to humans and how they have "destroyed" art and nature with their technological advancements. I felt that their was such a compression of facts that I couldn't keep up, and I unfortunately found myself lingering too long on one thing that you said. However, it was your interaction with the crowd that kept me interested and continually excited.

Your presence was so energetic and the whole presentation was completely not what I was expecting. The fact that while attending a visiting artists lecture I saw not one piece of his or anyone other persons art stirs my mind. I admittedly was caught off-guard with being questioned right as I entered the room, and I vaguely even remember what my answer was. However, after being seated, I found it very interesting to observe and listen to what others answers were. If I were given the chance again, my revised answer would be "a human".

Having not known anything, and still not knowing anything about you or your work I feel I will be easily able to connect and enjoy it. Knowing and relating to your views and beliefs will probably allow me to see your art differently than if I had not experienced your discussion beforehand. However, having further researched your links and biographies, I struggle to decipher what it is you really are, besides human.

Great Thanks,
Giancarlo D

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